Halloween Show with Huffington Post’s Chrissy Horansky

October 28th, 2016

Huffington Post's "Miss Millennial" Chrissy Horansky joined me today for the first episode back from a summer sabbatical.
Tune in to hear her talk about Halloween in New England, the shadow, how millennials see the world, and other things. 
Here is the link to her recent article that featured Blessed Are the Weird.

Be sure to grab a free excerpt of Blessed Are the Weird - A Manifesto for Creatives here
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Tanya “Thug Unicorn” Markul — What’s YOUR superpower?

May 19th, 2016



Tanya Markul joined me today to discuss Sensitive People and their unique superpowers and "what's the inner sparkle" ... and a whole lot more. 
Check out this episode to learn more about her and her upcoming book. 
Also, right at the end, I reveal a few details about an upcoming Blessed Are The Weird tribe festival!
Play it, yo!

Go check out the new Blessed Are The Weird logo and such on our Facebook pageClick here
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Andréa Balt - A Creative Insurrectionary on the Front Lines of the New Renaissance

March 10th, 2016


Andréa Balt - Writer, Creative Troublemaker, Wellness Alchemist and self-proclaimed Renaissance Woman. Also Creator of RebelleSociety.com /
WriteYourselfAlive.org / CreativeRehab.co (art & adventure events). 

She joined me for this special episode of Blessed Are The Weird podcast from where she is preparing to lead a creative retreat in Bali.
Tune in to learn about her fascinating journey, why she believes that your life IS your art, and more.

Viva la renaissance!

Click here to learn more about her work and lifeAndréaBalt.com

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Breakfast Club Kicked My Ass | On Loving People but Keeping It Real

February 7th, 2016



I watched The Breakfast Club with my twin teenagers a few weeks ago and it hit me hard. During this episode I talk about what it means to find what's real, keep it real, still love people and more...

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Christmas Full Moon Update and “My Own Private Walden” - A deep look at this year of transformation in solitude

December 25th, 2015



Jacob Nordby ends the year with a special update about Christmas Full Moon, and reveals why 2015 was a period of tremendous growth and transformation. 
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How To Be A Sexy, Alive, Liberated Warrior Goddess with HeatherAsh Amara

December 3rd, 2015


Teacher, Fire walk leader, and best-selling author of Warrior Goddess Training, HeatherAsh Amara joins me for this episode of Blessed Are The Weird Podcast.

We dive right into what it means to be a warrior and a goddess in real life. Along the way, we talk about sex, work, dating, love, life, and a lot more besides. If you only ever listen to one Blessed Are The Weird podcasts, make sure it's this one!

HeatherAsh speaks directly to the quest of becoming real and ourselves in this world. She offers guidance from her own raw experience of finding her way and what it means to keep on becoming.

Photo credit: 
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Where Have All The Warriors Gone - with sociologist Michael Ryan

November 9th, 2015


Sociologist Michael T. Ryan joins me today for a recorded phone conversation in which we delve into the problem of being a man in modern times.

We discuss the tricky balance of learning how to become vulnerable in a world that has never before placed value on anything but invulnerability.
Along the way, we talk about dating, life purpose and other aspects of how to be a man.
** Note for ladies: This episode lets you get a look into the heart of what confuses men. So take advantage of this chance to be a fly on the wall. 
Meet Michael on his website. Click here
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What’s LOVE Got To Do With It? (Special Guest - Scott Stabile)

November 2nd, 2015


scottstabile.jpgScott Stabile joins me by phone from his national book tour for Just Love--the book he just released. This guy is such an interesting human. 

Listen in as we talk about life, love, the creative journey and how he got this way.
This episode is great for anyone who wants to get fresh inspiration to express their lives creatively.
I am happiest about the fact that Scott got real, raw and honest during our conversation. 
Learn more about Scott on his website, click here.
Connect with Scott and his worldwide tribe (over 100,000 strong!) on Facebook, click here.
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Living Real Magic

September 28th, 2015


What is "real magic" and how can we use it in every day life? Jacob Nordby spells it out.

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Blessed Are The Weird People - Episode #1 - What’s This Stuff?

September 20th, 2015


The creative crockpot hit a boiling point today and host Jacob Nordby couldn't take it anymore. He sat down and recorded the inaugural episode of the Blessed Are The Weird podcast series. Tune in now for an introduction to "what's this stuff about anyway?".

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